Lori T.
Cary, NC
Irene K..
New Milford, NJ
"SkinniBelt is real comfortable and I don't even feel like I'm wearing a belt. It's easy to put on and take off. The biggest thing for me is that I don't have a buckle bulge around my big stomach. It actually hold me in a bit."
Melanie R.
Eureka, MT
"I can't believe how thin this belt is. When I wear my camisole or form fit sweaters, my belt just about disapears."
"This is the most comfortable belt I have ever worn. I now wear it every day and have bought two."
Robin L.
Warren, VT
"I love it. It is so easy to clean and the price is so affordable. I'm so glad you made them in other colors."
Patty B.
Ithaca, NY
Brian S.
Hilton Head, SC
"I bought my SkinniBelt and my roomates keep taking it. I now have bought 5."
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"My wife bought one and raved about it so I tried it myself. It really supports my pants like no other belt I have ever worn. I love it when I golf."
Kathy V
Hillsborough, CA
"I never thought I would need a belt like this but I wear it all the time. It is sooooooo comfortable"
Age 22
Age 19
Age 38